The Meditative walk with the technique of the Afghan walk is a simple and a powerful medicine to calm down and regenerate the body. Dr Edouard G. Stiegler inspired by the work of the Iranian Hanish “Breath & Health” decided to learn by practicing with the Afghan nomads. It is a technique of oxygenation based on various way of counting depending on the environment combined with self-suggestion. Walking consciously enables the subconscious to relax and not to react. You relax the subconscious by bringing joy, serenity, positivity with repetition of words, mantra. It tones the mind and leads to more mental strength and mood stability. You can learn to discipline the mind and control your thoughts thus helping to cut out depression and anxiety at their root.

Combining Yoga and Art - Drawing & Painting to relax the mind and nourish the heart. A 30mn meditation to liberate our artistic energy and David will share with you his passion. Follow him on Facebook david thompson oil painter

Cooking with the Ayurvedic Spices; developing an awareness of the flavours needed for the digestion whilst cooking, hands on tasks!

Meditative Walks
Mondays 12.30-13.30
RDV at the Jesus Lock foot bridge 
opposite  the Job Centre
Starts Monday 12th October

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Yoga & Water Colour
Address TBC @ 14.00-16.30 

Sunday 4th October
Sunday 8th November 
Sunday 13th December

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Ayurvedic Cooking
Thursdays  11.30-13.00
October 29th
November 26th
December 17th
at Yolande Integral Yoga 

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Dinacharya workshops - the Ayurvedic routine to protect yourself from infections, flu, cold etc. with Jala Neti (the nose) Gandush (the mouth)

Ayurvedic self-massage (Abhyanga) for an intimate moment with yourself - Karma Purana (ears) relax the mind and do a self massage of the feet and enjoy the experience of a steam box.

Ayurveda Routine (Dinacharya)
Thursdays at 11.00-13.00
Nose & Mouth
October 15th 
November 5th
@ Yolande integral yoga

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Ayurveda Routine (Abhyanga)
Thursdays at 11.00-13.00
November 12th 
December 3rd 
@ Yolande integral yoga

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Namaste Yolande

"Lovely ayurvedic workshop on Friday on food. Yolande is an empathetic and enthusiastic teacher and I learnt a lot. My partner really enjoyed the supper I made using Yolande's recommended spices!"   Susan

"Yolande's yoga sessions are so enjoyable and helpful in many ways: relaxing, helps me to focus, makes me feel stronger and more toned, my back feels straight and alligned. Such benefits that when I can't go to her classes I feel worse and really miss it!" Giulia