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Drop ins £8 - Weekly 2 classes £13 - Monthly 4 classes £28 -
Monthly unlimited £70

Tuesday Morning Sadhana 8.00am https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85970623602
Wednesday Morning Sadhana for the season 8.00am https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85970623602
Thursday Advance Step By Step 5.30pm https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85005654112
Saturday Morning 10.30am The Moon Practice (Balance energetic on the 3 first chakras)

Classes in Studio (Ends 19th Dec)
Friday 12.30 YMCA Cambridge CB1 1ND (booking @YMCA)
Sunday 10.00am Kelsey Kerridge (Booking @ Kelsey Kerridge)

1-2-1  (£25 Zoom - £30 face to face)
Contact me to make an appointment on zoom or face to face 

Ayurveda consultation 2h £45 (on zoom or face to face) 
Contact me to make an appointment 

Follow up 1h £30 (on zoom)
Contact me to make an appointment

Corporate Teaching Yoga  (Zoom or on site) £45
For Staff and Managers (instructor/teacher/personal trainer/lifestyle consultant)
Contact me to discuss your needs.

Booking & payment  CLICK HERE

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A monthly 2 x 1-2-1 Yoga Class £ 35 or an Ayurveda Consultation + a follow up £45

Weekly Schedule for the Autumn

Workshop coming soon

Reconnect with your Feminity
Moons & Moods Yoga special sequences "Hormone " to soothe and reinvigorate women during the different phases of their cycle.

Date & Time tbc
@ Yolande integral yoga

Booking and payment

Dinacharya workshops - the Ayurvedic routine to protect yourself from infections, flu, cold etc. with Jala Neti (the nose) Gandush (the mouth)

Ayurveda Routine (Dinacharya)
Date & Time tbc  
@ Yolande integral yoga

Booking and payment

Ayurvedic self-massage (Abhyanga) for an intimate moment with yourself - Karma Purana (ears) relax the mind and do a self massage of the feet and enjoy the experience of a steam box.

Ayurveda Self-massage (Dinacharya)
Date & Time tbc
@ Yolande integral yoga
Booking and payment

Spring and Autumn a full cleansing of the digestive system with a weekly protocole including Kunjal krya, Ekadasi, Shanprak Shalana to purify the blood, to remove ama toxins to renew the intestinal flora.

Yoga & Ayurveda cleansing From mouth to anus a complete methode  done at home with zoom.
Autumn & Spring
March week 21st -28th
October  week 15th - 21st (TBC)

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"Thank you Yolande for all the amazing classes. It is so helpful in this lockdown to have on-line practices to benefit our minds and our bodies. Its helping so much to keep me balanced. You are an amazing teacher who cares about every student".  Sheryl