Prevention & Health
“Yoga and Ayurveda show us the way but we must do the work in our daily lives” David Frawley 

Ayurveda is the Science of prevention

Ayurveda is the Science of Self-Healing and becoming a healer is a blessing.   

The simple Aim of Ayurveda is to keep the body balanced physicaly, emotionaly and psychologically.
The simple secret for a good health is to establish a routine adapted to our age, gender, and environment.

The simple secret for our wellfare is to feed our body and mind in full consciousness  with the elements of the nature and to remain connected  with Mother Nature and the seasons. 

What is Ayurveda?

Our constitution is based on the 3 DOSHAS  Vata Pitta Kapha. Each individual was born with a mix of the 3 Doshas V P K with a different percentage of each.
These Doshas are based on the 5 elements called BHUTAS: ETHER, AIR, FIRE, WATER and EARTH - they are our 3 cosmic energies Air (Vata) Fire (Pitta) and Water (Kapha).
PRAKRITI is like our DNA. It is our Constitution for life. They are called Doshas. They are unique to every individual because it has been given at our conception and even before, from our parents and ancestors. It explains why all factors are taken on board in Ayurveda from parents and seasons, to environments and even astrology. Ayurvedic Doctors were also Astrologers.

VIKRITI it is looking for the unbalanced Doshas at the origin of problems and deterioration of health. For example, too much air in Pitta increases fire which dries the intestines. The nature of the imbalance is defined by the observation of the 5 senses and studying the symptoms which include the mental and the psychological temperament and behaviour of the patient.
The unbalanced DOSHAS are caused by the changes of the seasons and the rythm of the day which is dictated by the elements.

Psychological characteristics

VATA Movement /Intuitive Ether+Air
 Free thinker, dreamer, creative (more at night) enthusiasm, consciousness and clarity (Ether) light, like discovering, don’t like routine. Independent, can deny tiredness, abundant vitality, tendency to addiction, need for balance.

PITTA Transformation/Strong Fire+Water
Excellent teacher. Discrimination. Clever, good memory for what is in his interest. Intellectual activities, silence reassures Pitta, friendly natural leader. Pitta hides emotions, easily offended. Search for challenges.

KAPHA Cohesion/Loving Earth+Water
Excellent nurse, civil servant. Compassionate, humility, patience, slow, good memory. Close to the family, loyal, stable, careful, search for tranquillity, calm.

Do you recognise yourself?
But you are not sure?

It is difficult!
Because you can see a bit of yourself bidoshic but also tridoshic. What does it mean? You want to know who you are. 

What sort of diet should you follow?
What type of exercise suits you best?
What should you practice in Yoga to improve your health and welfare? So many questions.

In a 2 hour consultation you will get a full picture and advice for your lifestyle, diet, aromas, exercise, all will be explained in your written diagnostic.

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